Hair Extensions:

Want the look celebrities love? With Racoon International hair extensions and unique Micro Wefts you can!

Using ethically sourced, 100% human hair, Racoon extensions and super quick Micro Wefts add colour, volume and length for sexy, glossy, simply-gorgeous hair.

Racoon extensions and Micro Wefts are so gentle, they are the only system endorsed by a leading Consultant hair trichologist. No wonder celebrities love them.

Renowned for providing stars with superb looking hair extensions, Racoon is the choice for industry icons and their A-list celebrity clients such as Claire King, Sophie Anderton, Jennie Frost, Jennifer Ellison, Sharon Osbourne, Peter Andre, Yasmin Le Bon and many more!

Racoon’s gentle and unique bonding system is virtually undetectable. The hair is of the best quality – great for natural looking locks whether you want to wear your hair in glamorous up-styles, with curls or straightened.

The Racoon Micro Weft is a revolutionary product that utilises the finest header and bonding tape to deliver a unique product that is comfortable to wear, blending seamlessly with your own hair, and it can be re-used to give outstanding value.

Racoon Micro Wefts offer colour without commitment or the need of a skin test. Why make permanent change when you can go copper one week and plump for plum the week after without any impact on the hair. Shades are colour fast and true – once applied Racoon Vibrant Micro Wefts last for months with great salon care. They are available in seven scrumptious glossy shades: Peacock Blue, Plum, (dark red/purple) Claret, (dark red), Flame  Red (bright red/orange), Copper, Rich Mahogany and Purple Haze. This is colour with attitude! Think Jess Fox in Hollyoaks, Avril Lavigne or Joss Stone.

Keeping Racoon Micro Wefts and extensions fabulous is simple with the Racoon-Xtend after care range, specifically formulated for hair extensions and rich in natural extracts like papaya, orchid oil and oil of evening primrose.

Racoon also offers a bespoke hair blending service to create the perfect colour match to existing hair.

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